High Performance Timber Finishes

Intergrain products have been designed to protect the natural beauty of timber. They are recognised as a high performance, environmentally responsible timber finishes.

 Environmentally Responsible

Traditional timber finishes contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are greenhouse gas carbon emissions that evaporate into the atmosphere as the coating dries. These compounds are usually petro-chemical solvents which are characterised by strong chemical fumes that contribute to air pollution. For every four litre can of traditional decking oil, usually at least two litres of VOCs go straight into the atmosphere.

Water based timber finishes have a very low solvent level. Therefore, using water based timber finishes is a far more environmentally responsible option than using a solvent based coating. So, combined with being healthier to use, Intergrain water based timber finishes are much gentler on the environment.

 Researched, Developed, and Tested

With world-class research and development resources, along with access to the latest technological developments from around the globe, Intergrain is continually innovating coatings that redefine performance expectations. All products are tested on a range of timber species at three registered testing sites across Australia and New Zealand which provide various weather conditions, so you can be confident that Intergrain products will perform at the highest standard.

 Inspired by Professionals, Chosen by Professionals

Intergrain products are designed for the demands of Architects and Landscape Architects. Because of the attractive finishes which are environmentally responsible and give long-lasting performance, Intergrain timber finishes have been selected throughout New Zealand for use on homes, commercial developments and prestigious projects. Examples of recent projects that have specified Intergrain coatings are the Fleming's and Trailfinders Australian Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

As the organisation behind the Intergrain Timber Vision Awards, Intergrain celebrates the innovative use of timber in modern architecture and landscape design.

 Supported by the Intergrain Technical Team

Intergrain products are supported by a full service of technical assistance and advice provided by trained timber finish consultants.

The Intergrain Technical Team can be contacted on FREECALL 0800 222 687.